Clash OF Clans for PC Download (Official Version)

From the early time of android game history, fewer mobile games come closer to player heart. COC or clash of clans For PC online and mobile is one of them. Even undoubtedly this is one of the most downloaded game. From the basic version, this game had developed for the mobile phone user. But laptop or users also have demand. And in order to their demand, third-party stimulators are provided them facilities to have similar gaming experience on laptop or PC.

To make smoother the way to install clash of clans on PC or laptop, here we are going to share all the information that how you can do it. Other necessary information and download link are also added.

Clash OF Clans For PC

Clash of Clans Download for PC or laptop

It has been passed more than 5 years after releasing the game. Meanwhile, More than 1.4 billion people download this game until then 2016. It’s a huge record for any mobile game. To download the game on computer gamers are crazy to go. But out of the google play store, there are few limitations. Get the download link from.

In this article we public the How to Download Clash of Clans game on your computer. We ensure total security during the downloading error. After download follows the steps from below to install it on your computer.

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Install clash of clans on the windows computer

Various type of way you have to install the game on your computer. Few people are going to install android OS on their computer. But it is pretty time wasting and it makes the computer slow at the same time. Another way you can use cloud storage. Even people are using virtual box computer to play the game.

On the contrary, I support to install the emulator. This thing makes the gaming environment inside the computer. It is not expensive like a cloud and not irritating like the virtual box. Before knowing how to Play Clash of Clans in PC you have to follow the steps below to know the way to install the game on your computer.

  • Step 1: Download the emulator. Don’t forget to download the APK file of Clash of Clan. Keep both of them on your Desktop front. This will helps you to find the things to close of your hand.
  • Step 2: Install the BlueStacks on your computer by double-clicking. When the installation is complete, restart the computer. Restart is not important. But it will be a better thing what rescuer your machine from an unexpected error.
  • Step 3: Turn on the emulator BlueStacks. There you will get an option named “install App”. Select this option and import the given APK on BlueStacks for install. The necessary navigation will you have there. All the things are pretty easy there. If you found any problem there then drop your comment below.

After over the process of installing, you have to log in on COC. If you don’t have the account the make your COC ID. OR you can log in by using Facebook.

PC configuration for download and install clash of clan

Here I am going to mention the minimum computer configuration to install the game. it does not need so much graphics capacity on your computer. it will take normal VGA graphics ability. The computer should have processors like core2duo or more than core2duo. Ram at least 2GB and hard disk should free more than 5GB. Normally if it has the ability to install the emulator BlueStacks, then it does not need more computer qualification.

If you have old minimized of PC then none of emulator or COC game can’t get install there. But PC should have minimum computer configuration. But to explore all the feature and facilities, the computer should have internet connectivity.

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About Clash of the clan:

The developer company name of COC is Supercell. They build this game in 2012 and launch for public use in 2013. During the launching time, they maybe did not think this will be one of the most famous game.

At 2015-16 it was the most famous android game. Still, it has 100 million regular active use. From the early time clash of clans total earn 2.2 billion euro. Interestingly it is growing on day by day.

All the update are known as town hall update. To make secure they bring various town hall update. Even their login and registration procedure are also secure by famous social sites.

The feature of COC:

  • Team and clans making: Making clans was a unique facility on the clash of clan. This idea makes this game more popular. Not only team making but also add, remove or leave clans is also possible. Things are pretty close to natural war.
  • End to End message: To build secure communication in the clash of Clans games for PC, provided end to end text messaging service. Players can communicate with other players in their own team member. The individual and public message are also available.
  • Online/ offline: Both of portion like online and offline are available. On offline mode, you can increase the gaming steps and while you turn on the online it will be accepted to their server. None of your offline action will lose while losing. To know how to Play Clash of ClansPlay Clash of Clans Offline you can surf their official site.
  • Stage Update: On Clash of Clan, players mention their stage as the town hall. When you exceed all the town hall never think, the game is over. Because COC will update their Townhall within a few days.

Download Clash Of Clans For PC

Hope you are going to enjoy Clash of Clans Free Download for PC and the gaming. Because of COC have a helpline and 24/7 support team, they are dedicated to supporting their users if they fall in the problem about the game. They get information about lack of the game from games and day by day they update this game. Now a day this becomes more bug-free even it has 90% positive review on google play. If you are a gamer and did not play this game, then you are supposed to play this game.