Download Wifi Hacker For PC (Windows 7/8/10 Supported)

The word Wifi are become too famous just because of mobile phone development. But because of the development of the computer, it can use on the laptop. People randomly want to know hacker of PC. It may have a lot of reason to hack Wifi. The most common reason is to save money from buying internet. Meanwhile, After hacking other peoples Wifi, you can use the internet even none can find you.

So many famous and effective Wifi hacking software is available. But here we are going to feature that software. The way they work and how to do it will define below. What is the worst and good part of that software will added.

Wifi Hacker For PC

Wifi Hacker Software Free Download

At the era of the internet, almost everything can be found free. The same thing also applicable for Wifi hacker desktop application. Most of the software performs well to hack WEP type network. In previous years people were using WEP router a lot. But nowadays, WPA2 networks have become popular. And hack this network is pretty hard. To hack those networks use their personal script. To use and understand those script you must have learned programming.

But in this article, we are going to share only those software what has most of the success rate. Even those are safe from occurring the unexpected problem. Keep finding that software from below.

Best 5 Wifi Password Hacker Software

  • Fern Wifi Cracker: Basically this software is developed for auditing wireless security. But attract on wireless is also possible. Python and Qt GUI library is used to write the program of this software. A task like Session Hijacking, Brute force Attacks, and WPA/WPA2 Cracking are possible by this software. Both of Kali Linux and windows are able to operate this software.
  • AirCrack: This is the recently updated dream software to crack any wifi security. Thomas d’Otreppe de Bouvette is the developer company of this software. we know the WEP key is always encrypted to it. This software is working as a specialist to decrypt the key. Besides those things, it can hide your IP to prevent the action of the owner of the Wifi network.
  • AndroDumpper: People who are looking for How to Hack Wifi Password on Laptop Windows 10 will be happy after knowing about this software. Because this is the easiest tools to hack Wifi. From the initial look, this is developed for android mobile but it can be used on the computer. As usual, you need an emulator to run it. A lot of resources are available for using this software on the internet.
  • Reaver: The WPS Pin is the secret of any Wifi internet. If anytime hacker can access the pin, he can easily change or replace his own password to this router. This is how the Reaver software work. This is true that the WPA2 system router cannot be worked properly by this software. But after their next update hopefully, the WPA2 network will able to cracked by this tools. Both Windows and Linux are able to get this software.
  • NetStumbler: Maybe this is the only software that can use on genesis windows. Its basic version was working on Windows XP. A computer engineer named Marius Milner has developed the software in 2000 for his private company. But later he makes this software public and gives permission to everyone for general using.

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Computer requirement for Wifi Hacker Software

  • Chip: The most essential this is Wifi chip. Now a day most of the laptop contains this chip as built in. that motherboard of PC what are produce meanwhile are also contained this. Rest other computer does not have. If your one does not have Wifi chip buy one and install.
  • Windows: it does not support at the previous version of windows like XP, Vista. But Wifi Hacker for Windows 10, 8 and 7 are available. But most of Wifi hacker software is compactable with Linux operating system.
  • Other: Your computer should have a minimum protection system. Trusted and latest antivirus is the best way to protect. Moreover, the Windows 10 is a more secure operating system.

How Wifi Password Finder software works

If you already tried to know about hacking on the internet, you should know it is not a piece of knowledge. It is an art. This is coming from developed programming knowledge. Brute force is the most common way how this software found energy. In this way, a hacker will fill or ensure the username. And software will find the password. The software trigger 1000 or more than 1000 random possible password in the password filed. This process will be continued until then it has been connected.

Many days ago I saw another technique. Their hacker was not trying to access the Wifi router. At the basic time, he was trying to access any device what is connected with the router. Once he has done to connect, he copies the cache and cookies file. There he found the password of Wifi. This is not the all. There are so many ways to recover other persons Wifi password. Different software uses different algorithm to get the password.

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Caution before use:

Without have perfect knowledge about cybersecurity, those things can be risky. Even it can occur huge problem what can make you arrested by police. Let’s discuss what can occur.

#Crime: If you try to hack Wifi of bank, police or intelligence agency it will be a huge crime. Moreover, you will be detected as a criminal if you hack someone Wifi who is connected with the crime.

#Security: There is so many Wifi network who will give you permission to using their internet. Meanwhile, they will take permission from you to access your memory storage. That network can be a threat to your hacking passion.

At the end of this session, I like to mention you that hacking is a passion. We do not encourage anyone to hack. Good people are going for hacking that it will the signature of their creativity. Never hack anyone Wifi password for your professional issue. It is considered one of the biggest cybercrime. In a different country, it has different punishment.