Freedom APK V2.0.9 Latest Version Download (All Version Available)

Are you looking to download the latest version of Freedom APK app? If yes, you are in the right place. Here you will know all the information about Freedom APK, how to download, use and install Freedom APK on your smartphone. Let’s get started.

Freedom APK

Do you need coins to unlock certain parts of a game? Or do you need keys to go ahead? If yes, Freedom APK is made for you. If you are playing games like Subway Surfers or Temple Run, you must know the necessity of keys and coins to progress throughout the game. When you get stuck in these games, you do not have any alternative except choosing in-app-purchase by spending money. If you want to get rid of these kinds of in-app-payments Freedom APK will let you do so.

We know that there are millions of games and apps available in the Play Store and other app stores. Those games and apps developers earn money by advertisements and in-app-purchases. If you use Freedom APK, you do not need to pay them anymore. You can easily bypass these in-app-purchases from other apps. With this app, you can progress your favorite game without paying for in-app-purchases. Seems good? Okay, let’s learn more about Freedom APK. 

Where Can You download Freedom APK?

Though you will not find Freedom APK in the Play Store and Amazon App Store, there is nothing to worry about Freedom APK download. In this article, you are going to share with you the download link of Freedom APK to let you download and install the latest version of Freedom APK for free. So, keep reading.

Freedom APK- What You Need to Know About

We guess that already you have got an idea about what Freedom APK app is. It is an Android app which is made to help you making in-app-purchases for free of cost. However, do not think that it will work with 100% of apps to provide you with the service. But, we can ensure you that it has many popular apps and games covered. Note that, Freedom APK no root is not available. Let’s know about some requirements of downloading and installing Freedom APK on your smartphone.

Basic Information About Downloading Freedom APK

App Name

Freedom APK

Latest Version


Required RAM

512 MB

Required Android Version

Minimum Android 2.3.3 version to the latest Android version

APK Size

Nearly 2 MB

Root Requirement

Root Required

Installation Process


APK installation from this website. Not available in the Amazon App Store or Play Store.

Core Features of Freedom APK

If you are a game lover and have a rooted Android device, Freedom APK is a must-have app for you to use. However, if you are not a gamer, but you use apps like Pics Art that needs in-app-purchases to use advanced filter effects, you will also find Freedom APK as a blessing for you as you can get those paid features with this app. So, you may ask, ‘what are the core features that Freedom APK comes with?’ Well, let’s have a look at some of the features of this popular app.

  • If you have Freedom APK installed on your phone, you can manage coins, gems, unlocking keys and other resources to progress from the current level to the next ones in various gaming apps. For these features you would have to pay money earlier, but not anymore. You can also manage to use paid features of many apps for free with this app.
  • This app can be used to bypass in-app-purchases in many Android apps.
  • Want to get the full version of a game or app for free? Download Freedom APK and get that done.
  • If you have got any version of Android above Gingerbread or version 2.3, you are eligible to use Freedom APK. Just make sure that you have got a rooted device.
  • This app is updated frequently to ensure that it supports the latest versions of Android.
  • To exploit games and apps, multiple mods and patches are used technically by this app.
  • Bored with having unlimited ads in your apps? This app can work to prevent apps from most of the apps that you have installed on your device.

However, knowing how to use Freedom APK is very important to get the best of it. So, now that you have known enough information about Freedom APK, it’s time to know how to install Freedom APK on your Android.

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How to Download and Install Freedom APK Step by Step

Due to being small in size, Freedom APK doesn’t need much storage on your device to get downloaded and installed. Here are the steps that you can follow for Freedom APK download.

Step 1: As Freedom APK is a third-party app and is not available to download from Play Store, the first thing to do is to make a small change in the Security Settings of your device. To enable Unknown Sources in your setting, go to Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources. Now draw the switch to the right to allow downloads from unknown sources.

Step 2: Proceed to download your most desired Freedom APK from the download button given below. You can also download it to your computer and then transfer to your Android device as well using USB cable or file transferring apps.

Download the Latest Version Freedom APK

Step 3: When you finish downloading the APK, it’s time to open and install it on your Android. Use any file manager to explore the folder where you have downloaded the file with your browser. You can use the default file manager, or ES File Explorer to find the folder the Freedom APK is downloaded.

Step 4: After finding the downloaded Freedom APK file on your folder, tap on it. Now you will see a window where it will want access to several setting and tools. You will find two options below, one with the cancel button and one with the install button. Press on install to proceed to install the Freedom APK on your Android.

Step 5: If you have pressed the install button, it will start installing the app on your phone. Wait for few minutes till the app is not installed. Once you get the Freedom APK installed successfully. You can proceed to open and use it from now on.

Final Words

By now you know everything about Freedom APK including how to download and install it. So, what are you waiting for? Install it now and enjoy your favorite games and apps without in-app-purchases.