GBWhatsApp APK V7.70 Official Version Download

Because of so many virtual communication systems, the globalization becomes faster. GBWhatsApp APK has a huge contribution in the system. Basically, WhatsApp is one of the most famous live chat messengers. And GBWhatsApp is the mode version of the software. On the internet there are so many modes of WhatsApp are available. Few of them are not available in google play store. From those modes what are not available GBWhatsApp Update and APK are the most famous now.

GBWhatsApp APK

Relevant Information and GBWhatsApp APK Download 2019

So many queries are frequently coming forward when people are looking about this app. Like how do I download, GBWhatsApp Settings, or how to open the logs. Even download related queries are also there. In this article, we are going to cover all the problem on this topic and try to solve there. How to update, set the mode and all those setting will include there. Even the download links are also given in this session. We appreciate you to read the article until the last portion.

GBWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

To Comparative all other android chatting application, WhatsApp is too light. Even the security system is still unbeatable. The GBWhatsApp is also light from normal WhatsApp. The total APK file size is 27MB. Because of its portability, once you download the APK, you can carry it on your mobile for future use. No matter about your mobile phone configuration. It is compactable with any version on the android device after Ice Cream Sandwich. The GBWhatsApp App Download link is given below. And the setting, other information added next to the article.

How to install the app step by step

At the early time, you have to make sure that you already download GBWhatsApp APK on your phone storage. And you have an active mobile SIM card. Then keep following the step below.

How to Start GBWhatsApp: Download the APK file what was already given. But it may not works properly while you tried to install on your android phone. It needs over many steps to install the mode version of WhatsApp. it will take some changing at phone settings. All those steps by step will be added here.

  • Go to the phone settings. Choose security and go to unknown sources from device administration. Turn on the unknown source.

GBWhatsApp App Download

  • Then install the APK file manually. Makeover the installation process by “Agree and continue”.

GBWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

  • After over the installation, it will want your phone number to make your identification. Put on your number at the given box.

GBWhatsApp APK Download 2019

  • Then you will get an OTP code for confirmation on your SMS inbox. Put it on GBWhatsApp. That’s how the installation process will over.

GBWhatsApp Update

Customize online status: if we don’t want to share with someone about when we act on this app and then leave, we can customize. Even we can do this for all the particular friends of our list. Or it can apply for that person who is not our friend.

{Go to the options panel}. And select a privacy option. There you will get hide online status. You can change the default settings from there. In the same way, you can change the blue tick, double tick, and writing status.

Send large video: The basic version of WhatsApp people can send the only video of 16MB. But GBWhatsApp provides freedom to send video up to 50MB. Even it does not lose video quality.

  • Go to option panel from right part of the header. And select “GB sharing”.

Send Video files Via GBWhatsApp

  • Tap on “media sharing”. And edit the upload size limit to 50MB.

In the same way, you can upload a bigger image. Rest of sending the receiver will get the original image without compromising the photo quality. Once change the settings, this will applicable till uninstall the application.

Broadcast message: We often need to send a common message to all the contract and chat group of out list. It may occur because of promoting any product. On emergency time this is also a helpful thing. In normal WhatsApp, this is not possible to send the message not more than fixed people. But GBWhatsApp will provide you sending the broadcast message up to 250 people at a time. You will find the feature at option.

Custom chat: At the time of sending confidential data or privet stuff we need more privacy. Even the security issue of data is a big matter always. The custom chat is a messaging facility where you can send the message to other and all the information will store end to end. It is totally encrypted and this is why it will never add with any backup. Even the data of custom chat will never be stored on Database. When someone changes or uninstall the application all the data will be removed for good.

  • Go make a custom chat with someone, tap on his name and go to his chat box. The select the menu there.
  • Then you will get the option custom notification and privacy. Use privacy to make your custom chat. And use custom notification for change notification for this specific person.

Lock any specific chat: Because of the various issue, we need to lock many chats. This reason GBWhatsApp provide specific chat locking facility. Once lock any chat, none can read or write to the targeted chat without unlocking. Depends on your phone this lock can be number lock, pattern lock or figure print lock.

  • Tap on the name whom chat you want to lock.
  • Go to the menu from his chat box. And select “lock chat” option. Then this option will ask you for the requirement to unlock. Provide a password to make it unlock.

Change text front from GBWhatsApp

This is also possible to change the front of this application. No need to install or add extra script. This thing is provided in the setting. After opening the application go to the menu. Select GB settings> Change App front> and chose your desire front. A lot of text fonts are included on option.

How to GBWhatsApp Open Log

Before telling about how to open its log I want to mention some corner about the security of this application. In day to day use, we send and receive so many confidential things. In this part, those online product needs high security. It maybe comes to a question what about its security. Basically, the GBWhatsApp does not use any middle part of the database. The data receiver and sender is the pair-seeds of data. This is the reason there is no chance to leak data if both of pair seeds did. So we can make you sure that, the GBWhatsApp is 100% secure.

Way to open logs of GBWhatsApp

You will be happy to hear that GBWhatsApp have unique log facility. When you upgrade your application WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp, you can clean all the data of WhatsApp. That is the reason it will never make your phone slow and no chance to occur bug. But WhatsApp does not provide this type of facility. Even the log does not take the larger portion of your device memory. Let us have a view of how to do it.

  • After opening the application go to the header and check on right portion there. It has three dotted option and press there.
  • If will open an option tray. From the option, tray selects GB settings.
  • If you are a new user, you have to clean the old data of WhatsApp. It will save your phone from being slower. if you already clear the WhatsApp file, or if you did not install WhatsApp on your phone then avoid the step.
  • Go back to settings. And select the open log from the option tray. And finally, have the logs of this application.

GBWhatsApp Download

Features and access to GBWhatsApp android application

To operate the application it will take much access to your android phone. Internet access, camera, sound, media, recording and SMS access are those. Besides the media access, it can take the access of external storage by your permission. All the access ability can be modified at GBWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version. It means if you don’t permission to access any particular thing, then it will be unable to use this.

The main feature of the application is sending and receiving SMS, photos, videos, and other files. At the same time, voice and video calling facility are also available. Hiding the last seen and customizing profile is available. All those notification of this application will store on the notification drawer till then you check or discard. Even you can make a backup what can be used next time when you need.

There are so many reasons why the application become famous. This is highly data savings. Even compactable with any android device. The most interesting thing is, GBWhatsApp Settings is updated with different language. Different language makes it acceptable to people. If you experience any problem during the using period of this application you can contract with their support team. Regarding GBWhatsApp APK Download 2019 and setting topic use the given support option from the menu tray.