Limbo APK Latest Version Download for Android Devices (All Version Available)

If you like story-based games, Limbo APK will quench your thirst. This game will lead you to the land of real adventure with a bunch of puzzles. In this game, a small boy plays the central character who is a mentally retarded person. Though he is the only child of his parents, he feels that he has a younger sister who is kidnapped. So, wanders and roams around to search for that kidnapper to get her sister back from the hand of the kidnapper. Seems great, right? Yes, the story touches the heart.

Limbo APK

However, your duty as a player will be to help the boy find out his imaginary sister. Being a great puzzle game, it lets you solve the puzzle and go ahead. If you are looking for something to kill your leisure time, you can have a taste of this game. Being developed by Playdead Game Studio, this game is very popular globally for its intuitive user interface and stunning puzzles. This game works well on all the Android devices having 4.4 or more version. As this game is very unique and different, many game reviewers have called it a masterpiece in the puzzle game genre. 

This game will let you feel the pain of a brother and live the character. As a character, you are supposed to cross the dark and scary forest. You will face many terrifying monsters and ghosts. There you find the animals lurking for prey. It would be your duty to protect the boy from all the scary moments and dangers that follow. With the great touch of graphics, everything will seem realistic.

How To Download Limbo APK Video Guidelines

Puzzles are designed in a way that you can solve them after brainstorming for a few moments. So, you will not feel frustrated. The game controlling is also fair with swiping to the direction. In this article, we will let you know the features of Limbo Android APK and how to install Limbo APK on your Android. We will also provide you with the link to download Limbo APK latest version. Let’s begin.

Limbo APK comes with a variety of amazing features that have contributed the game to be one of the most popular games of all time. Here are some of the key features that Limbo APK latest version offers you:

  • It comes with exquisite interior design and graphics that make the game fantastic to play.
  • Black and white visual effects to portray the night.
  • The dark color and gameplay help the users get rid of the fear of darkness.
  • This game accommodates physics-based puzzle.
  • You do not require to start the game from the very beginning each time the boy fails. You can start from the right away where the game ended last time.
  • You are free to move in any direction.
  • This game features 24 levels.

How to Download Limbo APK on your Android and PC

Limbo APK can be downloaded directly on your Android. At the same time, you can download it on your PC and then transfer the file to your Android device via Bluetooth, file sharing apps, or cables. Follow the Link the download the latest version of Limbo APK:

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How to Install Limbo APK on your Android and PC

Well, the installation of Limbo APK is very easy. To install the Limbo APK on your Android follow these steps:

  • Find out the Limbo APK file you have downloaded in your download location folder.

Limbo APK Download Location

  • Click on the Limbo APK file to start the installation process.

Limbo APK Download Location

  • A new window will appear to ask for your permission to ‘Install’ or ‘Cancel’ the process. Tap on the ‘Install’ button.

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  • If you press on the Install button, your Limbo APK will start to get installed on your device.

  • Give your device some time to get the app installed. Once the Limbo APK is installed, you can open the file and start playing the game.

Play The Limbo APK Games

However, if you want to keep playing your favorite Limbo APK game on your PC, you can also do that using Limbo pc emulator APK. There are a lot of emulators like Andy, Nox, Bluestacks that you can use safely to install the Limbo APK game on your PC. In that case, you have to install of those pc emulators and then search on that app for Limbo APK game. Once you get the game, install on your PC and enjoy the game.

How to Use Limbo APK

Playing the Limbo APK game is very easy. It comes with two buttons to help you move in the game. You can use one button when the boy needs jumping. And, you can use the other button to perform other actions like box dragging, levels pulling, etc. This game is different in the sense that unlike other games of this kind, you do not need to start anew once you die. When you die and start again, you will find yourself at the same place where you last ended dying. This feature is great for minimizing the frustration and disturbance a gamer might feel with other games. As a gamer, your duty will be to solve the puzzle that comes in front of you throughout the 24 levels of the game. The puzzles will get difficult every time you go ahead to the next level. You need a lot of brainstorming which will improve your problem-solving capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Which version of Android do I require to play the Limbo APK?

You should have an Android device with version 4.4 and above to install and play the game smoothly.

Q: What is the Latest Version of Limbo APK?

The current version is 1.17. However, the version is upgraded frequently with the time.

Limbo Application 1.17

Q: How much storage do I need to play this game?

This game is 31 MB in size in 1,17 version. You need to have a minimum of 1 GB of RAM in your device.

Final Words

Coming with 24 levels, this adventure game is a great choice to spend your lazy time. The brainstorming and analytical thinking that the game requires will improve your brain too. Just download the game and feel the adventure flowing on in you.