PS4 Remote Play APK V2.8.0 Download Latest Version

PS4 game by PlayStation Inc. is one of the most played games on PC. What if you can get everything cast easily on your Android Smartphone? That would be cool, right? No worries anymore. You can do that now. It is PS4 Remote Play APK that lets you see everything of your PS4 game live on your Android screen. In this article, we are going to explore about PS4 Remote Play APK, how to download and install, and how to use it on your Android. Are you ready? Let’s go ahead, then.

PS4 Remote Play APK

Though PS4 is a game that is made for playing in the PCs, PS4 Remote Play APK is an Android app to lets you control the game directly from your smartphone. It is available in many app stores and has got popularity as soon as it came out.

By the passage of time, it has passed several phases and versions. The latest version of PS4 Remote Play is 2.8.0 version. This APK is not very large and does not occupy much space on your phone. If you have got a wireless DUALSHOCK device and Sony Account, you can enjoy the game with this PS4 Remote Play APK.

You can also send content to the screens you would like to share with. It can be smartphones, tabs, TVs or whatever. Just make sure that those are connected with the corresponding Wi-Fi network.

However, note that PS4 Remote Play APK is designed to be played in Sony Xperia Devices only, which is a big pitfall.  However, let’s see how to download the latest version of PS4 Remote Play APK 2019.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PS4 Remote Play

There are some great advantages of PS4 Remote Play. Here are some of the great benefits this app is going you to provide:

  • Experience of PS4 straight from your phone.
  • It is extremely easy to install and set up.
  • You can play the game everywhere.

Well, some of the disadvantages are also there. Here are the cons of PS4 Remote Play APK:

  • Made for Xperia devices only
  • Needs very high-speed internet connection

How to Download, Install and Configure PS4 Remote Play

Well, now as you know what is PS4 Remote Play, it’s time to download and install it on your Xperia device. Here are the steps you should follow:

Step-1: The first thing you need to do is to download the latest version of PS4 Remote Play APK. Follow the link below to download:

Step-2: After downloading the APK file, go to the file location where you have downloaded it. Click on the APK and proceed to install. It may take a few moments to get the app installed on your smartphone or tab device.

Step-3: When the installation process is complete, open the PS4 Remote Play APK app on your device. You must log into your PS4 in your PC and allow the use of PS4 Remote Play. Login and go to the settings section to do this.

Step-4: Navigate the Connection Settings and enable Remote Play option. However, make sure that your PlayStation is in the Rest Mode while you perform this action. Power Setting Savings you let you enable Rest Mode. It is important to enabling it to turn the PS4 remotely.

How to Connect Two Devices?

To make a strong connection between two devices, make sure that your Xperia smartphone and PC are using the same Wi-Fi network. Open the Remote Play app on your Android. It will soon detect your PS4. If these do not pair automatically, follow the instructions that you see on your smartphone display to make a manual pairing.

It is really good for you that you do not need to learn new controls to play PS4 remotely. It is because you will be using the PS4 controller to play the game.

Yes, it is possible to control the basic function by your app without any help from the controller. But, to get the complete gaming experience, adding the controller is the best option to choose.

To add the controller, you need to hold down the Share and PlayStation button of your PS4 controller. Flashing of in-built light indicates that you can now do the rest of the task on your smartphone.

Go to the Bluetooth Settings on your Xperia device. Now, Initiate Search to find new devices. When you find Play Station Controller on the available devices list, click on that and connect your phone with the controller. So, that’s all you need to get the real excitement of PS4.

How to Use PS4 Remote Play APK

Remote Play PS4 APK is very easy to use once you are done with all the necessary configuration. Just open the Remote Play app and start gaming as you always do in your PC. In case you want to stop the game, just hit the PlayStation button. You can do it either from the app or from the controller. Selecting Enter Rest mode button will let the PlayStation enter in low-power mode to get rid of the use of extra power.

However, keep in mind that, you need a good internet connection to use the Remote Play APK. Also, make sure that you have already tested some heavy games on your phone. It will let you know about the gaming capacity of your smartphone. It is best if the real PS4 is connected to the Internet via Ethernet Cable. If your internet is not stable, you might not get the uninterrupted thrill while playing the game.

Setting the right frame rate and resolution is very important too. If the resolution is too high, and your internet connection is weak, you will end up being frustrated with the gaming experience on your Xperia.

If you need an extra pair of controllers or a PS4, you can check out the offers available near you to buy these. If your budget is low, you can also go for second-hand products.

However, as PS4 remote play APK works best only on Xperia devices, make sure that you have got one with a good RAM/ROM combination with the latest Android version.

Final Words

So, now that you know everything about PS4 Remote Play APK, it’s time to download, install and start playing your favorite games straight from your smartphone. Happy Playing!