SHAREit For Android,Ios,PC Download (Latest Version Available)

There is a lot of ways to file transfer from device to device. But SHAREit for pc version changes the total concept to transfer and sharing data. In fact, it does not need to have Bluetooth access. At the current time, the SHAREit is the fastest file and data transfer system. As we know time is the most valuable property at the current time. That’s why because of its faster service people are starting to love it.

Shareit For PC

This is a type of easy to compactable software that can operate by anyone. Now here we will present the download like of this software. And the way of using, setup and other related information will be added in this article. We will try to define what the bad and good portion of this application as well as.

Download SHAREit for PC for file transfer

For the first time, the software becomes popular as a mobile app. After 2015-16 it had become famous as computer software. It is now compact with a computer without any third-party emulator. The download like of the software is given below. Because the software is tiny in size, you will never fall into the problem during download.

According to the statement of the developer company this software is totally free. This is why you will never fall to any problem if you use this software commercially. But it does not mean after Downloading SHAREit for PC you can provide anyone for money.

How to install SHAREit for laptop and desktop

Whenever you download the SHAREit software on your computer it will come with the EXE version. This is why it does not need the emulator platform to install. It can install manually. Keep the .exe file on your desktop. And start the downloading process with the double click. It may want your Wi-Fi access permission. Keep it positive.

If you don’t have a built-in Wi-Fi chip inside your computer, it will unable to perform. Make sure you have installed one. Or those chips are available in the market. Moreover, they are not too expensive. Install the chip before installing the software.

How to use SHAREit on the desktop computer

Restart the computer after install software is a good thing. Because after restart the computer machine can read all the files of installed software easily. When the computer turned on, follow the steps given below.

Shareit PC Version

Searching: Start the software with a double click. After opening the software it will start to search the sender device by own.

Connecting: you can connect with the device in many ways. The very basic way is manual. After searching it will show many devices. You can select your desired device from to list found.

But the easy way is, use the QR code. The computer will generate a QR code. If your other device is a mobile, turn on that’s SHAREit there. And scan the computer SHAREit by using the camera.

If you need to transfer files randomly, you can pin the SHAREit on your taskbar. It will consume your time and energy. Always searching it out from the inside is a burden. Meanwhile, it can occur a problem if your device does not have enough space to receive data.

The facility of SHAREit App for Mobile and PC

Faster data transfer: No other wireless data transfer system exist what is faster like SHAREit. Even most of the wired systems are not also faster like this. In fact, it is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. During the data transfer if it will disconnect, after reconnect it will start sending data by own.

Easy to connect: Because it is a wireless system, this is easy to connect. No need to connect with the cable. Moreover, it can connect almost with each device if it will support SHAREit. It data transaction rate depends on your device. The average Wi-Fi coverage distance of your device mentions how much area it can cover to data transfer.

The previous version of SHAREit did not keep the QR code. But recent all the version are able to generate QR code. And by using QR code people can connect another device easily. And for further use, it can use.

Freedom of file transfer: The SHAREit is able to ensure the freedom to transfer files to any device. No matter the operating system you use it can support. Like SHAREit for Windows 7 can connect with SHAREit of all other windows, mac, android, and others.

Not only that but also a file format. Previous leading file transfer system Bluetooth was not able to transfer all format files. There file recognizing ability was limited. But SHAREit can transfer all mp3, mp4, exe, APK, dill, PhD, FLV and other formats of the file.

Clear user interface: both mobile and computer user interface of this software are neat and clean. Before Downloading SHAREit for PC or laptop people was thinking it maybe looks too hard to use. But because of the user-friendly user interface, you should feel comfortable to use this application.

Even if you fall into a problem to use this software, there are a lot of resources available on the internet. Those will help you to understand the gesture of this software.

No need internet: For long-distance data transfer we use the cloud, which needs internet data for sharing data. At the same time, these things are not the fast way. But SHAREit for PC and mobile none of them need the internet. It can work offline.

100% secure: If you have to use SHAREit for Windows 10 or 8 version you can realize the thing. This way to transfer files is too smoother and secure. While you send any file it will be encoded by the SHAREit system. On the other end of the device after receiving, it will be decoded by an algorithm and stored on a hard disk.

If meanwhile by anyone can hack the data sending path, he will receive the encoded file. And rest none can read the encoded file without decode by the actual receiver. This is how the SHAREit makes sure the security of your data.

Laptop/ desktop requirement for SHAREit

  • Minimum 1GB ram needed. To store received data it needs 70GB free space in hard drive.
  • Build-in the Wi-Fi system. It does not found install Wi-Fi cheap inside.
  • Windows 7/8/10 or apple mac computer. The older version of windows like XP is not suggested.
  • No need extra graphics memory. But minimum VGA graphics will be better to get a good experience.
  • Often it can be the reason of lack. This is why it needs a minimum processor like core2duo.

But basically, it does not need any more requirements. But one thing you have to noted that the file transferring speed depends on many things. Like the distance of the sender and receiver, the condition of using Wi-Fi chips and the environment.

How to SHAREit work?

People have a misconception that SHAREit works via Bluetooth. Actually, the Bluetooth was the most used file transfer system in 2004-2013. But it does not work as a medium of SHAREit. People can get SHAREit in so many ways. They can download it or get it via Bluetooth. But it works via Wi-Fi. After turning on, the Wi-Fi system of your device makes a local network.

At the same time, it can connect with other permitted devices. The sender device works like here an FTP. That’s why the transfer process becomes faster and smoother. Moreover, after receiving the file, if it will be corrupted, it can recover.

About SHAREit: The famous software company Lenovo Inc. developed the software. They do not want any subscription fee to use this application. In fact, to increase public acceptance they tried to make the file under 6-7 MB. At the beginning time of this software, it was full of bug. In fact, it was not compactable with each common device. Therefore developers are started to develop this software more.

Even they still working to make it more acceptable. And of course bug-free as well as. Now, this software has public acceptance because no other software can transfer files faster like this. Meanwhile, it is safer too.

Shareit APK For Android: Mirror Link

Shareit APK For Ios: Mirror Link


For saving time this software is totally unbeatable. But it has too much bug still now. Often this software becomes unable to recognize the receiver. At that time we use the QR code to pair with both of SHAREit. On the other hand, if the transferred file is bigger than remain storage, sometimes it makes the device hang and slow.

Do you want to know the sweetest and savage part? As we know apple device is not able to connect with another OS device. But Downloading SHAREit for PC you can connect your computer with an Apple device. No matter it id IPad, or mac. This type of universal use makes the software more acceptable to people.

It may have many bugs, you will be glad after knowing that they have a dedicated team. Which are always ready to solve your problem and publish it on their next update. This is the reason I suggest you visit their website and contract via their support option.